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  1. Restaurant Tauro: great ambience, mediocre food

    Dezember 14, 2013 by Christiane

    Yesterday, the company Christiane and I work for, treated the staff a dinner in Restaurant Tauro in the Pfefferberg complex in Prenzlauer Berg.

    Having spent over two hours in the freezing cold on a Christmas fair behind Alexanderplatz, we were all more than happy to find shelter in this restaurant. Somehow, they managed to make the place look both grand and cozy. The lighting was perfect, the floor was not cramped with tables and the staff was very thoughtful.

    Restaurant Pfefferberg knows how to create a cozy atmosphere

    Could someone please explain me why, oh why restaurants always fail to put a few baskets of bread, humus and tapenade upfront on the tables, so that a group of over 50 hungry souls can at least take the edge off of their hungriness? It’s not like we barged into the joint unexpectedly.

    Thank god for their fine collection of whiskies: a colleage and I choose for the 18-year old Glenfiddich. This kept me occupied until the arrival of the hors d’oeuvre. If only it would have looked better than what we were presented:

    Salami, olives, some lettuce and a bit of cheese

    The salami was bland, the olives had no distinct taste and the chunk of watermelon was rock hard and, simply, tasteless. And what is going on with the lay-out?

    So, needless to say we had our hopes up for the main course, right? After all, you can’t go wrong with a rinderfilet!
    Well.. Apparently, ou can.

    The rinderfilet was okay. Not more than that. While the texture of the meat was quite good, not too rare yet very tender, the taste of the meat was lacking any depth. Sure, it wasn’t bad or anything – but I couldn’t help but wondering if the chef skimped on the seasoning.
    My table companions and I were all glad that there was a set of pepper and salt at our disposal. And boy; did that meat need that pinch of pepper! The filet was accompanied by bland spinach and lukewarm potatoes. Had this plate been cooling off in queue for the last twenty minutes?

    Rinderfilet that could have used a lot more 'oomph'

    Highlight of the evening? Their fabulous chocolate mousse creation. If only the chef in charge of the meat could take a lesson or two of the Chef de Patissier, we would all reccommend this fabulous looking restaurant to all our culinary friends in Berlin. Now, I’d rather advice them to get a simple steak at the Lidl for € 2,99 – as you will most likely do a better job than restaurant Tauro.

    Schönhauser Allee 176
    10119 Berlin